Honor and Ethics

Webster has many definitions for these words, but my definition is simply “doing what is right even when no one is looking”.

My first and only experience on a witness stand taught me some great lessons on honor and ethics. I was on the witness stand for six hours, and have never been more appreciative of how we run our business. At the same time, I experienced a lawyer who seemed to have no regard for truth.

This lawsuit proved to be frivolous and we recovered legal fees, but I learned a great deal. Honor and ethics do matter, even when no one is looking.

Hero For a Season?

Last August, my brother and I had the privilege to visit the Beijing Olympics. The trip was memorable in many ways, including our interaction with Matt Biondi, hero of the ’88 Olympics. Matt is in the Olympic and International Hall of Fame, won a total of 11 Olympic medals, and set four world records in just the ’88 Olympics.

What was cool about Matt is that despite his accomplishments, he is just a nice, humble guy. Outside of a few Olympic events, he now leads a normal life in Hawaii with his wife and three children. His exercise is riding his bike to work as a math teacher.

My hat is off to Matt.