ART’s Award Gala

Just looking for an old photo and ran across this image. What a fun night this was back in January 2013. It was an incredible honor to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, but even better to spend the evening celebrating with friends. These friends are the people I work with every day. To work with friends is a blessing.

Pain, Torture, and Misery

If this was the goal of the organizers, they were successful. Just completed the Blue Ridge Half Marathon, a race that is labeled as America’s toughest road marathon. I believe it.

I actually love this race as it literally climbs mountains, then has steep declines, and is always scenic. This is the third time I’ve done this race, come join me next April to share in the pain, torture, and misery.


Today, my friend was buried. Tony was 48 years old and in the prime of his life. Beautiful wife and children, great lifestyle, great career, and a solid cornerstone of faith.

While our friendship goes back to High School, then Va Tech, then the Accounting firm Peat Marwick, our friendship blossomed in Tony’s 19 years at Uttermost. We shared many passions together, we worked long hours together, we worked out together, we traveled around the globe together.

Tony, our Lord and Savior called you home early, but I’ll see you again some day. My prayers to your family. Love you buddy.


Last week, enjoyed working Maison & Objet in Paris. Incredible product displays, great color combinations, innovative product, and enthusiastic people. We also spent a day at Les Puces, the world’s oldest and largest flea market.

So much to see and absorb related to work, but check out these cool cars and dogs.


The last post on Thomas was 3 years ago, see below. Thomas is now a cancer survivor and doing well. Thomas did lose his front right leg in his battle with bone cancer, but not his zest for life. He is relatively pain free today and very mobile.

Thomas is pictured in Florida, lounging by the pool. Fortunately for Thomas, this is not his first visit to Florida this year.


Capri will be missed. It’s hard to leave the beauty of this small Italian island. The deep blue water, the brightly painted fishing boats, the sun baked homes nestled into the limestone rock. It’s easy to see why Capri has been a resort since the time of the Roman Empire.

What we bring home are memories. Memories shared with family. Memories.

Miss You Nate

Nate, the star of many ads in Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, etc, lost his battle this week to lymphoma.

Nate was diagnosed with lymphoma about a year ago, and responded well to treatments for awhile. He seemed to feel good and was nearly his old self. Recently however, he began to struggle more and finally reached the point this week where he couldn’t fight any more.

While we don’t know how old Nate was, we do know that he was well loved the past seven years in our home.

Nate was rescued from the local county animal shelter, where he was malnourished, had skin disease, dental problems, and a seriously broken leg. The volunteers who saw him at the shelter had to carry him to the car as he couldn’t even stand. Due to the long period of not being treated, his leg had to be amputated.

Nate’s recovery surpassed everyone’s expectations. Nate quickly learned to walk and even run on three legs. Even when he would fall, he would cheerfully get up and go again. He loved being loved, and showed this with a wagging tail for every hug.

This week, we were able to all say our good-bye’s to Nate. We miss you Nate.

Good to be home

The first thing I noticed when I arrived home was the clean air and the blue sky. Granted, we live in the country, but this even applies to the Chicago airport where we changed planes.

We had spent a week in China before going to India. China was cloudy most days, so we never really did see the sun. Then in India, not sure if it was sunny or cloudy as the smog was so bad. Hard to believe unless you see it, but India even seemed smoggy inside their modern Delhi airport.

If you live without smog and pollution every day, you easily forget how blessed we are to have clean skies. But on this day, I’m breathing deep and loving it.