Ahhhh Venezia!

Venice. One of a kind. Re-defines the word antique. Special time with my family for the first week of their summer break. Even though it rained nearly every day, it was a beautiful, memorable experience that we will all remember. Simply following the narrow walkways and bridges, we came across incredible views, fifth generation shops, cool restaurants, and plenty of gelato. Daughters will have their own families one day, and I’ll sure miss times like this.

China Guard

Now this guy likes his job. You see him early morning, and he’s smiling. Lunch time, smiling. Then at the end of the day, still smiling. Either his job is much more fun than mine, or he really knows how to see the glass as half full. I think all of us could learn a great deal from our friend in China. Shown with Ed Jackson, Uttermost QC Manager.

Father’s Day

I almost enjoyed my Father’s Day gift last week. It was a scheduled weekend tennis clinic at a nice resort with my family. Unfortunately, on the night we arrived, we received a call that our loyal Thomas was lost.

Thomas is one of our very humble, very dependent rescue dogs. After he was pulled from a South Carolina shelter with no time left, he suffered with a terrible case of heart worm that nearly killed him. So what do you do when your Thomas is in need?

We rushed home, spent most of the night searching, and all I found was a lot of ticks, chiggers, and poison oak. Fortunately, Thomas found his way to a nice neighbors by morning. All ended well except for me scratching for a week and then coming down with lyme disease. All for the love of Thomas.

In the Blink of an Eye

Our small town lost two of it’s most experienced, most capable firefighters this week.

In a rush to a house fire, a collision resulted in their fire truck flipping multiple times. I hope this devastating loss will be a reminder to all of us that life is short. Appreciate what is important, ignore what isn’t, and be prepared for Eternity.

Our prayers are with the families of these firefighters.

Thursday Sunrise

My wife’s grandmother Vickie died this morning at the age of 92. She woke up at her normal time of 6 am, had breakfast and coffee, told her caretaker she loved her, then said she was tired and went back to bed. Shortly after this, she went home to the Lord.

At the same time, many of us at work as well as my wife and daughter at home were photographing the most beautiful sunrise in memory. It’s as if the Lord put the beauty of Heaven on display welcoming Vickie home. We’ll see you again some day Vickie!

Photo taken by my daughter at home

The American Worker

The US auto industry has been sharply criticized in many ways, especially the guys in charge. While all industries have their challenges, I could not be more impressed with our new GM Denali. We’ve owned many different cars ranging from the Ford truck I drive to BMW’s and Range Rovers, but this Denali is as well-engineered and well-built as any car I’ve driven.

To all the folks at GM, thank you for making great cars. And to all hard working American’s, thank you for taking pride in what you do.

Honor and Ethics

Webster has many definitions for these words, but my definition is simply “doing what is right even when no one is looking”.

My first and only experience on a witness stand taught me some great lessons on honor and ethics. I was on the witness stand for six hours, and have never been more appreciative of how we run our business. At the same time, I experienced a lawyer who seemed to have no regard for truth.

This lawsuit proved to be frivolous and we recovered legal fees, but I learned a great deal. Honor and ethics do matter, even when no one is looking.