Hero For a Season?

Last August, my brother and I had the privilege to visit the Beijing Olympics. The trip was memorable in many ways, including our interaction with Matt Biondi, hero of the ’88 Olympics. Matt is in the Olympic and International Hall of Fame, won a total of 11 Olympic medals, and set four world records in just the ’88 Olympics.

What was cool about Matt is that despite his accomplishments, he is just a nice, humble guy. Outside of a few Olympic events, he now leads a normal life in Hawaii with his wife and three children. His exercise is riding his bike to work as a math teacher.

My hat is off to Matt.


What a fun age. Not talking about my “middle age” of 45, but our daughters. They are so full of joy, laughter, and personality, yet STILL like being with Mama and Daddy. Children today grow up much too fast. Be sure to stop and “smell the roses” with your children and grandchildren. They are a gift and a blessing.