As the summer months are approaching, so are some of our hottest product introductions. Complete with a balance of relaxed casual, refined, subtle and statement pieces; our summer collection meets your every need. Refresh and reimagine your space with some of our favorite new items and explore our complete summer line.



Taking cues from coastal style, these pieces are the perfect accent to your shore inspired design. Natural materials and finishes highlight the relaxed feel of these new designs and soft blues and greens add just enough color to make a statement. Perfect for a home by the water, these pieces evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.



On the opposite end of the spectrum, these beautiful designs pack a powerful punch of color that immediately draws in the eye. Pair dynamic statement wall artwork with a neutral room design or go all out by creating a maximalist look. Vibrant and saturated hues bring out a fun and playful side that enable you to show off your own unique personality.



Simplistic lines and neutral color tones join forces to create a serene space with a beautifully updated look. Inspired by modern and contemporary design styles, these pieces are all about creating a fresh space in your home. Handcrafted materials instantly elevate the look and feel of your design, while maintaining a sense of comfort and effortless styling.



Prints and patterns easily enable you to incorporate your own unique style into a design. Neutral animal print upholstery or a color-blocked abstract painting can instantly raise the look and feel of a room. Each of these pieces showcases a high level of detailed craftsmanship, like the carved spindle legs of the Rancho Small Bench or the hand-laid mosaic work of the Kramer Table Lamp.