I have an addiction. This word might be a little strong, but the older I get, the more I value being able to work out and play sports. Somehow when you are in your 20’s and pain-free, it’s hard to appreciate the abilities and health God has given you.

My favorite sport now is singles tennis, and tennis is probably the reason I’ll have an epidural tomorrow at Duke. Large extruded disc pressing on my sciatic nerve. Not fun, and I’m at week 5 with this.

I’m still trying to be as active as I think I can get away with, but it’s tough. My routine of an ab session before 7am with a few guys at work, tennis or lifting at lunch, and then an exercise machine at night while going through my mail is not possible now. Yes, I’m addicted, and struggling with changing my habits. My physical therapist told me that if I have trouble putting my socks and shoes on in the morning, tennis doesn’t make much sense. Guess he’s right.