An In-Depth Look at Our Revelation Pillows with Rick Janecek

As many people are turning their attention to home projects and redecorating during these times, we’re here to show you just how simple a home refresh can be. One of the easiest and quickest ways to amp up your space is by adding pillows. Pillows are a great expression of your personal style and are easily interchangeable. We released our first line of pillows this spring and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback so far. Below we’ll explore some of our favorites, looking at design inspiration and styling tips with designer Rick Janecek.

Using History as Inspiration

When it comes to design inspiration for our pillow collections, Janecek takes cues from the classics. “Our Malibu and Pebble Beach pillows were inspired by mid-century California and west coast design as well as the use of natural materials and handcrafted techniques used by different North American ethnic cultures,” says Janecek. The Malibu Pillow is handcrafted with multiple yarn combinations in over ten neutral shades while the Pebble Beach Pillow showcases an organic pebble motif embroidered on premium cotton fabric that resembles rich, raw silk.

The black and white collection offers a more graphic look with a punch of bright coral. “The Cubism Pillow was inspired by cubist paintings popular of the 1930's. Creating this pillow requires detailed appliqué and embroidery techniques. Each piece of fabric is hand-cut and sewn to the base fabric, which resembles white linen,” says Janecek. In addition to the Cubism Pillow, the Spot On Pillow draws historic inspiration from pop art of the 1960's.

It’s All in the Details

With any great pillow, comfort is key. Each pillow in the Revelation line includes a soft feather/down combination insert and soft fabrics are strategically chosen for each pillowcase to ensure a luxurious feel. Janecek firmly believes that in addition to providing the maximum level of comfort, pillows should also double as pieces of decorative artwork. Each pillow design is handcrafted in India utilizing unique techniques, like embroidery, crocheting and appliqué, and quality materials, like chenille, crushed velvet, and linen. Each design possesses a high level of detail and craftsmanship and the majority of the pillows feature design work on both the front and back sides. 

The Cursive Pillow is made with a soft grey cotton slubbed fabric and is accentuated by a sculptural cotton rope design that is hand curled and sewn by skilled artisans. Another beautiful option is the Crochet Lattice Pillow. The smocked white cotton fabric accents anything perfectly and is just as soft and comfortable as your favorite knit sweater.

Creating a Collected Look

Traditionally, upholstered furniture is often accented with a pair of matching pillows. While this continues to be a popular design choice, one way that Janecek recommends re-styling is by mixing a selection of coordinating pillows together for a more relaxed look. “A good mix of clashing pillows creates a boho-chic look that makes it feel like they’ve been gathered over time,” he says. Each of our pillows has been designed with this in mind, enabling you to create your own unique look with designs that speak to your favorite style or color combination.

Simple and affordable, switching up your pillows is a great way to accentuate great interior design. With more pillow designs in the works, we can’t wait to see what Rick will come up with next. To see the complete Revelation pillow collection, click here.