Carolyn Kinder has over two decades of experience in designing and developing innovative collections for the home furnishings industry. Carolyn has an established reputation within the home industry that has become synonymous with classic, timeless design. The industry recognized her achievement in January of 2000 when she became the first woman to receive the ART Academy of Achievement Award, which honors lifetime achievement in the accessories industry. Carolyn’s career started as an artist, teacher, and then founder of her first company, Kinder-Harris, which became an award-winning, multi-million dollar international accessory company. Carolyn became known as an industry leader in three important areas: strong, timeless design, the coordination of products from the separate fields of the accessory industry, and use of point-of-sale display units and materials to present a dramatic approach on the floor of the retailer. Carolyn eventually sold her interest in Kinder-Harris and in 1992, she began the development of Carolyn Kinder, Inc., a multi-faceted company which serves the home interior industry on a broader scale through a series of licensee companies, each a leader in its field. This new business continues to address the area of product development, but is also developing new marketing techniques for consumers by focusing on the many obstacles they face in providing a beautiful, functional, and comfortable home for their families.


In 2002, Carolyn founded Carolyn Kinder International. With the formation of this company, Carolyn searched and acquired additional talented staff with a diversified skill set to implement her plan. This multi-dimensional company continues to focus on delivering award winning designs and creating interesting licensing partnerships, all complemented with the power of media. Carolyn Kinder and Uttermost have enjoyed a significant business partnership for over 17 years. The relationship began in wall décor, and has expanded in recent years into portable and fixed lighting. Carolyn’s unique style, passion, and vision for the future make her very special to Uttermost, and to the entire home décor industry.


"We’ve been working with Carolyn and her team for almost 17 years, and she still amazes us with her creative genius on every product introduction...she stays a step or two ahead on design.
Mac Cooper, President, Uttermost

"Not only does Kinder try to keep up with the latest fashion statements, but also tries to update customer service to make it more efficient..."
Ron Salzetti, JC Penney Executive, HFD Magazine

"This innovation to the industry has established a level of integrity for which others strive..."
ART Award Program News

"The brilliance of Carolyn is not only in her design, but in the finish she is able to achieve."
Andy Cymrot, President, Austin

"Carolyn Kinder knows what people are going to buy even before they know what they’re
going to want."
Joe Phillips, Kinder-Harris Executive, HM Magazine

"...recognized internationally as a leader in a very specialized industry... Carolyn Kinder’s goal is to provide a kind of one-stop shopping service designed with a common thread -- the classic, transitional, Kinder look."
Leetha Mills, Arkansas Business